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Central Medellin

Private investigator Medellin gives some advice on doing investigations in Colombia. For many years this country was embroiled in a bloody and violent civil war. As a result, the residual effect has permanently found a place culturally with many Colombians being very suspicious of any thing that is unusual or out of place within their neighborhoods, business or families. This makes doing any kind of investigation challenging.

Difficulty in doing an investigation

In other Latin American countries, conducting an investigation can be done with little to no interference. However, here in Medellin as well as all of Colombia, roadblocks, and obstacles present themselves in the form of neighbors gossiping about a strange car or person in the neighborhood to the authorities preventing or obstructing investigative efforts.

Planning and Preparation

Obviously, to have a good and productive investigation, it is necessary to approach the project with deliberation and a well thought out plan. Also, all investigations must be well funded. Almost everything here requires payment in one form or the other. Specifically, background information usually has to be bought. This is in contrast to other neighboring countries that have access to public records for anyone who asks. Here, because of the violence and kidnappings that occurred while the civil war was raging, obtaining public records with regard to personal information is not easily accomplished.


Surveillance cases present a unique challenge in as much as traditional methodology requires a stationary vantage point to observe the target. Doing so here in Medellin can result in various problems. Anything from being assaulted at gunpoint to the police arresting you. Thus most surveillances here have to be random checks and using more than two investigators. We have found this to be the best approach as the target and or their neighbors don’t see the same car or face more than once.

If at all possible, a surveillance should be planned well in advance of the desired time it needs to be conducted.

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