Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions for a Private Investigator Medellin

In the following, there is a thumbnail overview of frequently asked questions I receive as a private investigator Medellin.

What is the best way to contact our investigator?

The best way to contact us is by calling. We have a toll-free number which is forwarded to us here. We did this because we cater to expats and Americans who have a vested interest in conducting an investigation here.

How do I pay for investigative services?

We have several methods of payment. We have a bank account here in the Americas as well as the United States. We prefer depositing retainers in the United States bank as the fees are much less than the international wire transfers. We also accept credit cards in some instances but there are restrictions.

Women of Colombia

Some of the most breathtaking women are here in Colombia. They are not only beautiful but are approachable and friendly. Unlike the women in the States, these women will smile and carry a conversation regardless of your appearance or age. Most of these women come from economic conditions that most cannot understand. Many Colombian women have been told from birth that all American men are wealthy, especially the older ones. This sets the stage for the “perfect storm” of romance and fraud.

Likely Scams

Culturally, Colombian women have had to depend on themselves to survive. Their mothers did likewise. It is not uncommon for a young attractive woman to have children without the presence of a father. Colombian men are not financially responsible when it comes to supporting the children they sire. Thus, many women here are looking for a way or means of securing financial stability. Most of these women have strong familial ties, especially to their mothers and have absolutely no intention of abandoning them under any circumstance. Because of this, the likelihood of you falling victim to a scam is significant.

Consequences of not doing a due diligence

Since most of these relationships are “long distance”, it behooves you to make sure of who you are dealing with. Many of the women have significant others (boyfriends) that permit them to scam you at any costs. We have had numerous cases involving Colombian that live two lives.