About Us


Our Approach

We believe in listening to our clients’ needs and wants and then suggesting the best way to accomplish those goals. Each case is unique and we analyze each one on its own merits. We also provide legal advice and counsel for Central and South America through our in house attorney.

Our Story

We began servicing Colombia, Ecuador, and Costa Rica several years ago. We discovered that there are many American expats that live in the Americas and have interests in either a relationship, retirement, or business. Many of our clients not knowing the ins and outs of the law in the Americas easily fall victim to various scams and bogus relationships.

Meet the Team

The principal investigator is Cody Gear. He has been providing investigative services in the Americas for the past 20 years and is very familiar and converse in the jurisprudence and regulations in the countries he services. We use qualified locals when applicable who are always under the direct supervision of Mr. Gear.


Cody Gear, JD/CFE

Founder & CEO

With extensive law enforcement experience, culminating by serving as a police chief for two different municipalities in Florida. During the law enforcement career, receiving training from various law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, FDLE, DEA, State of Florida as well as FEMA and the FLETC at Glynco, has provided a plethora of knowledge in investigations and bringing them to successful conclusions. Additionally, Mr. Gear has an MBA and JD which uniquely qualifies and separates him from other private investigators.


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